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"Audit - Company" clients began about 130 enterprises and organizations in various regions of Georgia during our activity.
Eighty organizations are constant clients. We conduct auditor check in the large organizations and...

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"Audit - Company" - was founded in 1996, and represents the auditor and advisory firm that realizes the activity on all territory of Georgia.

In current of several years the Company successfully functions on the basis of the license given by Council of Auditor Activity created at Parliament of the Georgia.

The activity of "Audit - Company" is based on the acting international standards of the account - analysis and audit, and as on norms of a professional...   more
D. Gamrekeli str. #19
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: (995 32) 218 38 00
Mobile: (995 599) 567 121
E-mail: info@audit-company.com


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