Company Profile

"Audit - Company" - was founded in 1996, and represents the auditor and advisory firm that realizes the activity on all territory of Georgia.

In current of several years the Company successfully functions on the basis of the license given by Council of Auditor Activity created at Parliament of the Georgia.

The activity of "Audit - Company" is based on the acting international standards of the account - analysis and audit, and as on norms of a professional etiquette.

From the date of creation our company successfully studies ways to difficult labyrinths of the legislation for protection of interests of clients and own authority. It is enough of that for the proof of it that "Audit - Company" takes the own elected place among first tens leading auditor companies of Georgia.

All this is stipulated that, our relations with clients bear wider character, than it is provided in the limited contractual frameworks. We are not limited with customer’s frameworks of formally contractual elations and to bring him maximum advantage and to rise to the aid of in the sanction of those problems which enter into sphere of our competency, basing on international standards and the acts acting in country.

In our company the firm technique of audit that provides together with the tested qualified personnel auditor service at a highly professional level under the motto is developed original inside:


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