Mutual relation with customers

"Audit - Company” about today is connected with customers by strong bonds and as up to the end the true and attractive company where an initial point between relations clients and employees of firm is complete goodwill, a pleasant atmosphere and high-quality service.

According to the current legislation, normative statements, provisions and existing international standards, we conduct auditor check at the enterprise of the customer, saving complete confidentiality.

According to effective standards and provisions of audit we carry out the checking of balance, its appendices, declarations, account of a financial result, registration of book keeping and the initial documentation.

Proceeding from specificity of our company during the audit we value all significant and insignificant documents given organization, so the audit is comprehensive.

After checking we the appropriate written conclusion and the customer will inform concerning all discrepancies of mistakes and deviations.

Under our recommendation, on the basis of the agreement will carried out on many productions amending system of the account, transfer on new international standards (conversion), improvement of production management, implantation of rational circuits of clerical work, prolific growth of employees of accounts department, reduction minimization of accounting mistakes.

Frequently, for maintenance of maximum effect of auditor check, check is planned quarterly as operative detection of mistakes and fast reaction to legislative changes is facilitated.

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