"Audit - Company" realizes auditor service of industrial and noncommercial       (not state) organizations (funds the unions). Which includes?

  • Book keeping the reporting, the taxation, industrially financial activity and regulating them financial - legal problems;
  • Realizes complete check of book keeping both annual, and the quarterly report of balance truthfulness and the reporting of the profit and losses, check of book keeping of industrially financial activity, and their conformity with the current legislation;
  • The Wide spectrum of expert service on establishment of solvency and financial state of firms;
  • Auditor appraisal of property;
  • With the help of the qualified experts of our company we help in drawing up and change foundation business of plans and the registration documentation of firms, representations of the foreign companies, the unions and funds;
  • We shall Consult in the written or oral form concerning questions connected with privatization, the lease, the taxation, insurance, investment and customs questions, financial -bank questions, and as with any other questions connected with industrial activity.
  • We can deliver in a rate of all significant legislative changes with the help of special codified computer programs legislative the normative statements created in our company;
  • "Audit - Company" in accordance with own forces, and in some special cases with the help of the foreign partners, will help at a level of international standards in drawing up of every possible contracts according to laws in force, both Georgia, and foreign states; and in case of industrial claims we shall prepare for carrying out of businesses on proceeding and we shall defend your interests both in Georgia and in a foreign state;
  • Providing our recommendations and auditor service you can avoid unforeseen fines and problems in practical activities, at mutual relation with state controlling organizations;
  • Legal examination and legal service can be as constituting part and enclosed to conducted audit, and a separate subject of the contract that depends on desire of the customer and terms and conditions of contract.

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